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European Insurance – Key facts

Šaltinis: Insurance Europe This booklet provides key facts about the European insurance market and the contribution of European insurance to society and the economy. All figures are the latest available, with 2008 data being provisional. The figures do not include the small mutual insurance...

Skaityti daugiau 2018.08.18

Insurance Intermediaries in Europe

Report to BIPAR prepared by London Economics Šaltinis: London Economics Plačiau galima perskaityti čia: Insurance Intermediaries in Europe

Skaityti daugiau 2018.08.18

Antieconomy, economy crisis and crisis of economics

Povilas Gylys Šaltinis: Ekonomika 2011, Vol. 90 (4), psl. 18-33 The gist of this article is the idea that the orthodox theory of economic crisis unduly reduces its subject to business crisis and that it is the outcome of the narrowness and limitedness of the individualistic economic approach to...

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European Insurance in figures

CEA Šaltinis: Plačiau galima perskaityti čia: European Insurance in figures

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